How Can Dental Implants Improve Your Smile?

Having missing teeth can make you feel unattractive and embarrassed to smile. Just one missing tooth can also make it difficult to chew properly and can interfere with your normal bite. Luckily, modern dentistry has created a long-lasting and natural-looking tooth replacement solution: dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement Work?

Titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone where missing teeth will be replaced. These dental implants serve as new stabilizing teeth roots. Your dental professional will place cosmetic crowns on the portion of the posts that protrude through the gums. These prosthetics will act as replacement teeth. Implants are also used to anchor complete dentures.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can improve your appearance and mouth function so you can smile, bite and chew more easily. In addition, implant placement will correct and preserve the position and spacing of your surrounding natural teeth. The dental implant procedure also helps preserve jaw bone. When a tooth or multiple teeth are missing, this can cause the underlying bone to deteriorate, which leads to other oral health problems.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you are a patient in good health who is missing one or more teeth, you are probably an ideal candidate for dental implants. You can have one, several or a full mouth of teeth replaced. Your dentist will first do a panoramic scan of your whole mouth to be sure you have enough strong bone to support the post.

Sometimes, a bone graft or a sinus lift is necessary before the dental implant procedure can be performed successfully. Your dental professional will examine your oral health history to determine if dental implants are right for you.

If you are interested in a natural-looking, permanent tooth replacement option, dental implants will improve your smile, restore mouth function, and boost your overall dental health.

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