“I Hate The Dentist,”

“But It is not personal against you Dr. Morris.” Think I have not heard this before?

At least once a week, I hear- I am a chicken, I am scared of the dentist, or I don’t like coming to the dentist.” I genuinely want to know what happen to make the patient feel this way. Often it is trauma from old-school dental philosophy, when anesthesia was not used or used properly. Possibly the patient was not educated on the pros and cons of treatment or post operative pain was unbearable.

At Momentum Dental we strive to create a comfortable experience based on communication and education. We spend time explaining the treatment needed and why it is needed. We have tools and technology to diagnose and treat crooked teeth, missing teeth, broken teeth, dark teeth, and rotten teeth with braces and Invisalign, implants and dentures, crowns, teeth whitening and white composite fillings. The trick is we get to know you and what you personally need to be comfortable. The experienced admin team help you understand your insurance and your financial responsibility before treatment is done. The dental assistants and Hygienist and Dentist are compassionate and gentle and make sure you are okay along the way. We are available for you 24/7 make sure you are taken care of.

You may not like the dentist but you will love us.

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