You Don’t Have to Live With a Toothache

You Don’t Have to Live With a Toothache

Routine dental exams play a big role in supporting your oral health and reducing your risk of developing common dental problems like gum disease. But what happens when a problem arises in between your routine visits? At Momentum Dental in Bristow and Woodbridge, Virginia, Dr. Tamesha Morris and her team know that dental emergencies can pop up unexpectedly even if you’re diligent with your routine dental care. That’s why we offer emergency dental care for those who need fast relief.

In this blog, we explore the steps you can take so you don’t have to live with a toothache.

Is your toothache causing non-stop pain?

There are many reasons why your tooth might hurt. Depending on the underlying source of your toothache, the type of pain you experience can vary. Toothaches can cause pain that is sharp, throbbing, constant, or worse when biting down. Toothaches can also be accompanied by swelling, fever, bad breath, and foul-tasting drainage (if there’s an infection present).

Common causes of toothaches include:

What if your toothache suddenly goes away? Sometimes toothaches cause constant pain, and sometimes they cause pain that comes in waves (and is worse when chewing or biting down). That being said, if your toothache suddenly dissipates, it doesn’t necessarily mean the issue has been resolved on its own. Pain that suddenly goes away can be a sign that your tooth is dying. In these cases, root canal therapy may be required to preserve your tooth.

Bottom line: if you experience any of these symptoms of toothache, timely dental care can help you save your tooth, find pain relief, and reduce your risk of unwanted complications.

At-home remedies for toothache relief

Regardless of the source of your pain, it’s important to seek dental care. As you wait for your appointment, there are a few at-home remedies you can implement to find relief. This includes:

Additionally, avoid chewing on the side with a toothache to prevent further discomfort.

Treating a persistent toothache

Once you arrive at Momentum Dental, our compassionate team first determines the source of your pain before devising a treatment plan. A thorough exam, a review of your symptoms, and imaging (such as X-rays) may help pinpoint the source of your discomfort. 

Potential treatments include:

In some cases, an extraction may be the best course of action for you. Should you need to have your tooth pulled, we can also provide restorative treatments to replace your tooth. For example, a dental bridge can “bridge” the gap from your extracted tooth.

Don’t let a toothache put a damper on your life. To make an urgent dental appointment, call the location of your choice 一 Bristow or Woodbridge, Virginia 一 today.  For less urgent matters, you can request an appointment at Momentum Dental with our online booking tool.

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