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The Ideal Path to Straight Teeth

If you have crooked teeth that go beyond the aesthetic—such as teeth that are crowded, overlapped, gapped, or don’t touch when you bite—this can affect everything from your confidence to how comfortably you can bite and chew foods. A “bad bite” needs more than a quick-fix solution to ensure that the results of your treatment provide lasting function and aesthetics. For these situations, our team at Momentum Dental will recommend the ideal path to straight teeth: traditional orthodontics in Woodbridge and Bristow, VA. Traditional braces are the time-tested solution when more complex dental issues are present, providing you with predictable results that improve your health, function, and confidence!

Benefiting from Braces

  • Naturally beautiful smile
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved ability to chew
  • Reduced risk for cavities

Traditional Braces

  • Comfortable jaw function
  • Easier oral hygiene care
  • Resolved teeth grinding
Doctor Morris

Orthodontics from a Trained Dentist

Our founding dentist, Dr. Tamesha Morris, has over a decade of experience providing traditional braces, as well as Invisalign, and has completed numerous orthodontic seminars with Dr. Robert G. Gerety. She’s also trained to provide interceptive orthodontics for children to help guide erupting teeth and jaw growth. Through her years of dedicated experience and continued education, she has the trained eye to provide effective and personalized treatment—or refer out more complex cases that fall outside the scope of her expertise. If we conclude that you are a good candidate for braces, know that we’ve determined this through our custom diagnostics and professional skill. Your orthodontics in Woodbridge and Bristow, VA will provide the results you’re looking for and what your smile needs to function properly!

A Comfortable Orthodontic Experience

Traditional braces treatment is often associated with messy goop impressions and discomfort. At Momentum Dental, our team works diligently to make your experience as comfortable as possible. In many cases, we can use our iTero® intraoral scanner to take digital impressions instead of using putty and molds. Additionally, these digital images allow us to showcase a virtual simulation of your teeth completely straight. You’ll be able to see yourself with a beautiful smile before you begin treatment!

Throughout your treatment, we’ll provide personalized appointments to tighten wires, assess your tooth movement, and ensure you are maintaining good oral hygiene and health. Since each case is unique, we may also incorporate palatal expanders and other more advanced techniques to ensure your treatment results in an amazing new smile. Our goal is to provide the most effective and lasting treatment while also having you in braces for the shortest amount of time.

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